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Lelaki Terindah

Lelaki Terindah is the title of a novel written by Andrei Aksana. For those who don’t really follow the development of novel publication in Indonesia and Indonesian authors—that mean they never hear this name yet—Andrei Aksana is the grandson of big poets Sanoesi Pane and Armijn Pane. These two names are commonly found in school books—from elementary, junior, and senior high schools—in Indonesia.

At first I read the review of this book in one national newspaper. The review easily attracted me. But, my bad thing is, I didn’t note the title and I forgot it easily. Therefore, when trying to find it in one bookstore, I didn’t find it.

Some months later, when I went to a bookstore with Julie, she appointed the novel to me, saying, “Look, isn’t the title provoking?” FYI, ‘indah’ means beautiful, how could a man become beautiful? After appointing the novel, Julie went to other shelves while I took the novel from the shelf. I was provoked. LOL. When looking at the drawing on the front cover, my up and down teeth directly clicked, “Wow …” I saw a part of sexy body of a man that I believe would make women’s mouth like Samantha Jones—one character in Sex and the City—water openly. LOL. (well … honestly, I am impressed by her open sexual drive, and wonder if I could become like her. LOL. This is one thing that my Abang doesn’t like AT ALL. LOL.

First, I read the poem on the back cover.

Suatu ketika dulu
Aku pernah dihanyut asmara

Tapi tak pernah ku tenggelam
Karena kekuatan cintamu
Menjadi perahu dan dayungku

Hanya engkaulah yang mampu
Melenyapkan ragu menjadi tahu
Memupuskan kelu menjadi deru

Hanya engkaulah yang bisa
Menggantikan tawar menjadi rasa
Menhadirkan tiada menjadi ada

Karena hanya engkaulah …
Lelaki Terindah di hidupku

What a very romantic and adoring poem, from someone to a man—the most beautiful (well, I’d prefer to translate it into ‘gorgeous’ a word that is more androgynous) one. In an instant I loved the poem. When I opened the beginning pages, I found another poem that is also very romantic and adoring.

Tak pernah cukup kata
Menjabarkan keindahanmu …

Tak pernah cukup batas
Memagari kehadiranmu …

Kau lebur mimpi menjadi bentuk
Kau pahat angan memiliki raga

Segalanya mungkin …

I bought the novel on March 17, 2005. I have used the novel as one subject for discussion in my literature class several times, especially when I discussed how society influences writers to produce their works. It illustrates how sociological approach is used to dissect one literary work. There is always close relationship between society and literature. I am really a strong follower of Daniel Goldmann’s theory on Genetic Structuralism: there is always close relationship between the work and the writer, and between the work and the society where and when the writer lives and produces his/her work.

Going back to Andrei Aksana as the author of Lelaki Terindah. I love the beautiful poems he writes and inserts inside his novels. However, I am not provoked to buy his other novels because to me they are about common themes, although I believe they are beautifully written. And, suddenly I want to write something on Lelaki Terindah because my sister borrowed this novel some days ago.

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